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    2015/1/30 「2015 Tour De Taiwan」Changhua Stage- Official Coordination Meeting

    Today, Changhua Stage-Official Coordination Meeting was held at 2 pm on the second floor of the sport stadium in Changhua. The Secretary General, LEE Kai-Chih and the Vice Secretary General, May WANG first visited the organization team of Changhua County. The Chairman, LAI Jen-Gou, also the Secretary General of Changhua County Government hosted the meeting.

    The major officials from different departments attended this meeting to coordinate, aiming at arranging a great successful event in Changhua. The racing route at Tour de Taiwan 2015 Changhua Stage will be the same as last year, along Changhua City, Fenyuan, Lugang, Changhua Costal Industry Area, Fangyuan, Erlin, Jutang, Shijou, Tianwei, Yuanlin, Fushin, Shihu, Shioushuei, and back to Changhua City, with total route of 143 kilometers. 

    Changhua County is a quite important place in Taiwan’s bicycle industry, and among all the brands,  the most representative ones include Merrida and Axman. Moreover, in Changhua County are many well organized bicycle lanes. During weekends, many parents will ride with their kids in Changhua Fitzroy Gardens, Yungjing, Yanpu, Lugang or Ershuei to enjoy the farm fun and local delicacies.

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